Senator Murphy Surprises Drug Crisis In Our Backyard With $10,000 Grant

Carmel, NY - Senator Terrence Murphy's Shed the Meds drug take-back program has taken more than 5,000 pounds of prescription drugs off the streets. He would be the first to say the program owes much of its success to the partnerships he has formed with community groups and local governments. One of the groups, Drug Crisis in Our Backyard, which helps individuals and families struggling with drug addiction, has been a part of Shed the Meds since its inception. At the Carmel Shed the Meds program held on August 14 held at the Carmel Police Station, Senator Murphy unveiled a special surprise for Drug Crisis in Our Backyard, presenting Executive Director and Co-Founder Susan Salomone with a check for $10,000.

Senator Murphy said, "Drug Crisis in Our Backyard has been instrumental in helping raise awareness concerning the dangers of drugs and drug addiction. Susan and her husband, Steve, paid the ultimate price, losing their son to an overdose. Her program is a giveback to the community and has rescued many lives from the grip of addiction. Drug Crisis in Our Backyard is a grassroots organization that is making a difference."

"We have an army leading the fight against drug addiction, and Drug Crisis in Our Backyard is one of the organizations with boots on the ground on the front lines," stated Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell. "We have to fight this war on many fronts, and getting prescription drugs out of people's medicine cabinets is important. We're very motivated here in Putnam County because we want to do all we can to protect families. The fight will continue, and with the continued success of Drug Crisis in Our Backyard and Shed the Meds we can break the cycle of addiction in our communities."
"Getting this grant is such a pleasant and wonderful surprise. We are grateful for Senator Murphy's continued support," said Susan Salomone. "I'd also like to thank Senator Murphy for putting the Shed the Meds program on the map in his district. Since the inception of our program in 2012, we've made great strides made toward stemming the tide of drug and opioid use in the community. One of the most recent developments is the Family Support Navigator Program. This program is specifically designed to help families struggling with the effects of addiction in their households."
Assemblyman Kevin Byrne stated, "The drug and opioid crisis has plagued not only Putnam and Westchester Counties but our entire state and the country. Senator Murphy has done a tremendous job in fighting the opioid crisis by passing legislation limiting the number of prescriptions doctors can write for drugs. Shed the Meds is another successful component in the fight against addiction that has kept potentially dangerous drugs from harming our community. This program also significant in helping to reduce the amount of medications entering the environment and threatening our water supply."
"We are certainly pleased that Shed the Meds has returned to Carmel," commented Carmel Town Supervisor Kenneth Schmitt. "We must continue to make a full-court press in the war against drugs and opioid addiction. The only way we're going to succeed is continuing the relentless pursuit of those who are responsible for the scourge of drug use and drug activity in our community. Continued awareness, education, and enforcement will help us win the fight."
Stanley Alexander, a local resident, stopped by the Carmel Police Department to shed some pre-natal vitamins his wife no longer needed. "This program is a great idea. This is very convenient and easy process, and I know the drugs will be disposed of properly. No one wants them ending up in the wrong hands."
Drug Crisis in Our Backyard and CoveCare Center have initiated the Family Support Navigator Program designed to assist families and individuals residing in Westchester and Putnam Counties who are struggling with substance abuse disorder by providing information on available resources that are vital to recovery. The program provides free services at the individuals or family's choice of location. For more information, contact Susan Salomone, CASAC, Resource Manager at 845-225-2700, Ext. 245 or by e-mail at
Senator Murphy's Shed the Meds in Carmel was held in conjunction with Assemblyman Kevin Byrne, the Town of Carmel, the Carmel Police Department, and Drug Crisis in Our Backyard.

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