Senator Murphy's delivers $50,000 to help build Putnam ARC

Carmel, NY - There are more than 128,000 New Yorkers with developmental disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, and other neurological impairments. The Arc of Putnam County, one of 46 chapters of The Arc of New York, is at the forefront in providing advocacy and programming for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. To help ARC continue its mission to empower individuals to achieve their highest quality of life, Senator Terrence Murphy recently secured a grant of $50,000 to ARC's Carmel facility.

"We want to make sure this facility will stay here for as long as possible. The State was able to secure $50,000 in funds to ensure that ARC stays put," said Senator Murphy. "You're helping people with developmental disabilities get the assistance they need, while providing them with the hope of a brighter future. What you do is commendable, and makes a difference in families' lives."
Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell said, "On behalf of the people of Putnam County, who recognized how important ARC is to our community, I want to thank Senator Murphy for the grant he was instrumental in securing. It's money well spent. When you put money in good hands, you know it's going directly to the programs that will help people. We have to make sure these programs are available so we can have a healthy and thriving community for everyone. Arc provides excellent services for families, and adds to the quality of life for people in Putnam County."
"Thank you, Senator Murphy, for allocating the funding for ARC's future," Carmel Town Supervisor Kenneth Schmitt added. "We have a great team on the State, County and Town levels and we'll continue to support ARC and all that you do for the community. It is important that ARC is able to continue to help people with developmental disabilities integrate more fully and effectively into the mainstream of community life."
ARC's Executive Director John McHugh stated, "They say it takes a village to make a community. In this case, it takes a town, a county, and a state. We're very appreciative of the help we have received from Senator Murphy, County Executive Odell and Supervisor Schmitt. We're looking forward to what lies ahead. The money allows us to set the stage to help people in a very dynamic way. Without this assistance, the work we do wouldn't be possible."
Spencer Terwilliger, Director of Capital Projects and Jami Anson, Director of Development & Outreach were on hand to celebrate presentation of the grant with Executive Director McHugh  In turn, Senator Murphy, County Executive Dell and Supervisor Schmitt congratulated McHugh for his recent appointment as Executive Director.
McHugh was formerly Executive Director of The Arc of Ulster-Greene. He replace long-term executive, Susan Limongello, who recently retired after serving the agency for almost 18 years. McHugh joined The Arc of Ulster-Greene in early 2008 as Chief Financial Officer and became Executive Director in 2013. He has over 18 years of financial experience in the disability services field and hospital administration.
The Arc of Putnam County was founded in 1974 by a group of parents seeking better lives and more opportunities for their children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Programs and services currently offered by The Arc of Putnam include: Residential services, Preschool services, Day Habilitation, Vocational services, Work Readiness training, Community Employment, Clinic Services, Educational Advocacy, Service Coordination, Traumatic Brain Injury networking, Guardianship, Community Habilitation, Recreation, Respite, and Self-Advocacy.