Winter Is Coming... And Thanks To Senator Murphy's $100,000 Grant North Salem Is Ready

North Salem, NY - Winter is coming... For residents in North Salem, those three words are much more than just a memorable tagline for "Game of Thrones," they represent a warning that North Salem's busy rural roads could soon become icy impasses. But thanks to a $100,000 grant secured by Senator Terrence Murphy, North Salem now has three new trucks that will help clear the roads. Senator Murphy recently visited North Salem to get a close look at the new vehicles.

"We all remember the storms that tore through the Hudson Valley last spring. North Salem and Somers always seemed to be the epicenters of the bad weather that hit us virtually every week," recalled Senator Murphy. "I've always said that governing is all about communication. When Supervisor Lucas and I spoke, we concluded that any money I could get for the town should go towards new trucks. Hopefully, the addition of these three trucks will make life a lot easier for Supervisor Lucas, Superintendent Hanaburgh, and the residents of North Salem."

Town of North Salem Supervisor Warren Lucas stated, "I want to thank Senator Murphy for the grant that allowed us to add three new trucks to our fleet. The trucks will be used for plowing, and I'm certain we'll get a great deal of use out of them. It's an ongoing process - we're always replacing vehicles. Our Superintendent of Highways, Ward Hanaburgh, has done a great job with his maintenance program but the rigors associated with winter guarantee we'll always need new trucks."
On hand to test drive the new trucks were Superintendent Hanaburgh and Deputy Supervisor Peter Kamenstein.