Lake Ronkonkoma Improvement Group Honored from Senate Floor

Senator Tom Croci

March 6, 2018

Located in the heart of Long Island sits a mysterious and fabled kettle lake. As the largest fresh water body on the Island, the lake was left by the receding glaciers that created Long Island’s dynamic landscape of beautiful beaches and rocky shores. Often touted at the original “Hamptons,” Lake Ronkonkoma has always been a summertime getaway, dating all the way back to Long Island’s original inhabitants, the Algonquians, who summered and fished in this great lake. Today, those same shores attract beachgoers and nature enthusiasts, inspiring some locals to band together and restore the lake to her former glory. 

The “Lake Ronkonkoma Improvement Group” has worked tirelessly in recent years to bring the lake back to life, cleaning the shores and improving water quality. Good people, who love their community, are coming together to “Get it done”. These folks began cleaning the lake themselves, taking the initiative when no one told them to do it. No one came in to clean the lake – these people saw a need and they acted! It is New Yorkers like these that make the Empire State an environmental leader in water quality and pollution mitigation. We in government are inspired by their good works and call for action; we applaud their zeal for community, history, and environment. Keep up the great work!