Biaggi Chairs First Public Sexual Harassment Hearing in 27 Years

For Immediate Release

February 15, 2019

Biaggi Chairs First Public Sexual Harassment Hearing in 27 Years

On Wednesday, February 13, State Senator Alessandra Biaggi (D - Bronx/Westchester) chaired a joint public legislative hearing on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - the first in 27 years. Experts and survivors shared essential testimony. It lasted 11 hours.

In her opening statement, Senator Biaggi said, “Our task is urgent. It’s intolerable, absolutely maddening, that sexual harassment persists. We must remember that right now, as I speak, someone is being harassed and does not know what to do about it. But we must take the time to get it right this time.

“As we update New York’s laws, policies, and protocols with respect to sexual harassment, it is also incumbent upon each of us to take personal responsibility to support a culture of mutual respect and care.”

Following the hearing, Senator Biaggi is as resolved as ever to correct the systems in place that, as the hearing illuminated, permit and perpetuate often traumatizing sexual harassment in New York.

To survivors, Senator Biaggi said: “​We are your advocates and champions in State government. We are here to gather knowledge in order to design laws that leave no one unconsidered, neglected, ignored, or silenced. We are listening.... and we will act.”

Click here for the full remarks.

Click here for videos of Senator Biaggi’s Opening Statement and Questioning of the Joint Committee Of Public Ethics.