Jacobs Critical of Budget Sweeping $20 Million of NYPA Money

(Albany, New York) – State Senator Chris Jacobs is voicing his objection to a provision in the proposed state budget that would divert $20 million in funds from the New York Power Authority (NYPA) into the general fund of the state budget.

“We all know the Niagara Power Plant is one of the only profitable power generators in the entire NYPA system, thus Niagara is likely responsible for nearly all this $20 million in profits,” said Jacobs. “This $20 million should remain in Western New York to lower utility bills for businesses and residents and help spur our economic recovery – not be taken by the Governor and legislature.”

Jacobs claims “sweeping” this $20 million into the budget means most of these funds will not be used to help Western New York but go to New York City, where so much of this year’s budget is focused.

Jacobs says he will soon be introducing legislation to prevent this practice of “raiding” NYPA during the budget process.