Jacobs Says New Trade Deal Will Provide Major Boost to Local Dairy Farms and Auto Manufacturers

(Buffalo, NY) - State Senator Chris Jacobs (60th SD) is urging the United States Congress to take quick action and pass the trade deal negotiated between the US, Mexico, and Canada that will replace NAFTA. 

“President Trump, Mexico’s President Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau all signed this new trade pact last November,” said Jacobs.  “Unfortunately it just seems like there is no sense of urgency by the US Congress to pass it, and this pact is big deal for Western New York and other regions fighting to keep their manufacturing and farming jobs,” the Senator said.

Several recent studies of the new trade pact show that areas like Western New York are poised to benefit significantly, in particular the region’s dairy industry and auto parts manufacturing.

“This new deal eliminates long standing Canadian milk tariffs, opening up the Canadian market to New York dairy producers,” said Jacobs.  “New York dairy and milk producers employ more than 25,000 people, but they have suffered significant losses over the last several years.  Finally having a fair trade relationship with Canada really could help turn things around,” he added.

The new pact also provides incentives for American automobiles to be made with a greater percentage of US made parts which could help many local auto producers like GM Powertrain in Tonawanda.

This month the US International Trade Commission released a comprehensive analysis of the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement, citing its positive impact to the nation’s economy and its particular benefit to certain regions, such as those that border Canada.