Skoufis Sponsored Bill Expanding High School Diplomas for Veterans Passes Full Legislature

Skoufis Sponsored Bill Expanding High School Diplomas for Veterans Passes Full Legislature

With graduation season upon us, a bill introduced by Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) to allow high school diplomas to be awarded to veterans passed the full legislature. The bill, S1660, would expand the already existent education program, Operation Recognition, to apply to all veterans. 

Under current law, only veterans of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam are eligible for the program; this bill allows any veteran who served on active duty prior to graduation from high school to be eligible to receive a high school diploma based on their service; this includes recent operations such as Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

Senator James Skoufis said, “Expanding the Operation Recognition program to create more opportunities for our veterans to get their high school diploma is the right thing to do and the American thing to do. These individuals sacrificed their education to serve our country and we have a duty to recognize that honorable service. I was proud to work on this bill and look forward to the Governor signing this bill into law.”

Rafael Ortiz, Vice Commander of American Legion Post 353 in Cornwall and former Trustee of the Cornwall Board of Education said, “This is how we prepare our children to continue advancing this country. All veterans deserve the opportunity for their service to be recognized and this program acknowledges the sacrifices they made. It gives veterans closure on their education, which many service members put on hold to serve this country. I’m so thankful for Senator Skoufis’ efforts in delivering these opportunities for our veterans.” 

The bill will be delivered to the Governor’s desk for signature and will take effect immediately after.