Skoufis-Zebrowski Statement on North Rockland Debt Relief


Skoufis-Zebrowski Statement on North Rockland Debt Relief

The Mirant debt crisis has plagued the schools, municipalities, and taxpayers of North Rockland for over a decade. Once again, we presented a plan that would provide a long-term, formula-based solution to this problem. This was also the first year that both the Assembly and Senate backed the debt relief proposal. 

With a fiscal cliff looming in a couple of years, our plan would have stabilized finances and provided much-needed property tax relief to North Rocklanders. 

Our budget negotiations yielded mixed but hopeful results. While we are disappointed a recurring solution was not included in the budget, we did secure a commitment - verbal and written - from the Governor’s office to finally address the North Rockland Mirant debt in the current legislative session.

Our fight over the past four years has gotten us to this point. We look forward to working with the Governor and local stakeholders to finish the job - we won’t stop until we do so.