Tedisco Calls for New Student Loan Forgiveness for Gold Star Families

In advance of Memorial Day, Senator Jim Tedisco (R,C,I,REF-Glenville) today is calling on the U.S. Education Secretary and New York’s congressional delegation to create a new federal student loan forgiveness program for Gold Star Families – the children and spouses of service members who lose their lives while on active duty.

Here in New York State, after the state Assembly killed the bill in committee, the Governor, through Executive Order, has made all Gold Star families eligible for up to $24,250 in college tuition assistance through the state’s MERIT program. While this new program is great news for current and future college students, it does not help Gold Star family graduates who are struggling to pay off their federal student loan debt.

“As we commemorate Memorial Day and remember the service and sacrifice of all those brave Americans who gave their lives for our freedom, we also must remember the children and loved ones they have left behind. Many of our Gold Star families struggle to pay for college and deal with the crushing burden of student loan debt. If there’s anyone who deserves a helping hand from our state and federal governments, it’s the children and loved ones of the men and women who make up the best, brightest and most courageous and compassionate fighting force for good in the world and who lost their lives while in active duty,” said Senator Tedisco.

Attached please find Senator Tedisco’s letter to Secretary DeVos and New York’s Congressional Delegation.