Governor Signs Metzger’s Bill Enabling Access to State Funding for 4-H Showcase in Otisville

Albany, NY...The Governor today signed into law State Senator Jen Metzger’s bill (S5510) to allow Cornell Cooperative Extension of Orange County (CCEOC) to apply for capital grants for improvements to the Education Center and 4-H park in Otisville. The grant funding is dedicated to county fairs for the promotion of agriculture and domestic arts. Since the Orange County Fair does not typically feature agriculture--a traditional focus of county fairs--the CCEOC 4-H Showcase will fill that gap.

“Access to state capital grants will enable CCEOC to continue to develop their permanent Education Center and 4-H Park on Finchville Turnpike in Otisville and to expand opportunities for agricultural fairs and events,” explained Senator Metzger, who chairs the Senate Agriculture Committee. “Farming is such an important part of Orange County's economy and rural heritage, and I applaud the work of CCEOC to support and foster public appreciation of the agricultural and domestic arts and nurture the next generation of farmers, horticulturalists, and agricultural entrepreneurs."

CCEOC’s permanent Education Center and 4-H Park will host youth fairs, 4-H activities and other public events promoting agriculture. Assemblymember Gunther (AD-100) carries the companion legislation in the Assembly.

“I am ecstatic with this designation for our Education Center & 4–H Park. Access to this funding, through the Department of Agriculture and Markets, will allow us to continue building, to be able to utilize the Park to its capacity. Our board, volunteers and staff are excited to expand our 4-H Showcase competitions to include other youth and adult agricultural and home exhibits and competitions which is now possible as a result of the passing and signing of this bill,” said Lucy T. Joyce, Executive Director, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Orange County. “We are grateful to Senator Metzger for championing this bill, and to Assemblymember Gunther for sponsoring it in the Assembly, and so thankful for all of those who helped move this bill forward. Top priorities for infrastructure funding are for much needed storage and to extend water to the existing barns. Please join us July 24-26 for our 4-H Fair and Family Festival.”

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