Veterans Committee Chairman Brooks Holds Session Expanding Veterans Benefits Eligibility

Senator Brooks met with Director of Veterans Services, Colonel James D. McDonough, Jr. he spoke on S.6159 which is being brought before the committee at his request on behalf of the Division of Veterans Affairs.

Senate Bill 6159 was brought before the committee today at the request of the Division of Veterans Services. This bill will create a uniform definition of what a veteran is in NYS, and bring us in line with the Federal government ensuring that our veterans are eligible to receive the benefits that they deserve.

There are over 750,000 veterans in NYS, who are subject to 7 seperate and different definitions of what constitutes a Veteran NY, which often creates confusion and results in an unfair distribution of benefits. The purpose of this legislation is to update the definition of "veteran" to comport with the definition of "veteran" in federal law, and to bring New York State's existing delivery of programs and services for Veterans and their family members into conformity with federal law.

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