Your Tax Dollars Could Be Used to Support Political Campaigns

Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer

September 25, 2019

The New York State Public Campaign Financing Commission has started to meet and is required to issue its final recommendations on December 1st.  The commission was created as part of the disastrous 2019 Budget and one of its major objectives is to determine the future of publicly financing elections in New York State.  The budget also allocated $100 million for the potential public financing system across New York State.  I strongly opposed this spending and voted No.

If New York State wants to get serious about reducing the money in politics it needs real solutions that actually address the problem.  That is why I am advancing legislation that will actually reduce corruption and the influence of money in politics.  Instead of spending $100 million dollars of taxpayer money to support candidate mailings and phone calls, we should lower contribution limits, require greater disclosure of political advertising by third parties and ban donations from politically appointed individuals.  My proposals will do just that.


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