Ritchie Delivers $200,000 to Help Town Of Oswego Boost Business, Tourism

Brian Dwyer

September 10, 2019

State Senator Patty Ritchie is announcing she has secured $200,000 to help the Town of Oswego to extend a sewer line that not only would help the town keep two long-time businesses, but also encourage new growth.

The funding would allow the town to extend its sewer line project to Fred Haynes Boulevard and County Route 89, which is home to the popular Rudy’s Lakeside Drive-In restaurant and Bev’s Dairy Treat ice cream stand. In helping provide this extension, Senator Ritchie is not only protecting the future of the businesses already there, but also allowing the town to recruit new business as well.

“This section of the Town of Oswego is not only a popular draw for the local community, college students and visitors, but also an important part of its economy, as it supports a number of jobs,” said Senator Patty Ritchie. “A proper sewer system will allow these businesses to better operate, as well as serve to bring new businesses—along with much-needed employment opportunities—into the town.”

“This would allow us to share in some of the growth we are seeing in the city of Oswego and nearby communities.  It benefits the whole region when we all have something to offer for those visiting our area,” Town of Oswego Supervisor Richard Kaulfuss said. “Senator Ritchie clearly understands this and we cannot thank her enough for helping us ensure some of our biggest draws remain so and making sure our taxpayers are considered every step of the way.”

This funding is one of many examples of Senator Ritchie helping improve business and tourism in Oswego County.  Earlier this year, she announced $1.4 million in state funding for the Salmon River Fish Hatchery to install a new fish ladder, fish crowder and make significant improvements to its visitor’s center. The hatchery attracts tens of thousands of visitors a year.