Senator Boyle Introduces Legislation to Ban Negative Campaigning Using Public Funds

[BAY SHORE, NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2019] – New York State Senator Phil Boyle (4th District) will be introducing legislation which would prohibit the use of public funds for negative campaigning.

"As Election Day approaches, many of us are already sick and tired of the constant barrage of campaign ads by political candidates attacking their opponents instead of positively promoting their own policy positions and agendas,” said Senator Boyle. “The only thing that will be more annoying than negative campaign ads in our mailboxes or on our TV screens, computers and smart phones, will be knowing that our hard-earned tax dollars are paying for these political attacks.”

A controversial Public Campaign Financing Commission will soon be issuing a report creating a statewide system of public campaign financing. The commission is scheduled to release their report by December 1st and the report will be binding within 20 days unless modified by law. 

“I expect that this legislation will gain strong bipartisan support,” added Boyle. “Regardless of one’s position on the public funding of campaigns, we must all agree that taxpayer money should not be used to attack our citizens merely because they have decided to run for political office.”