Senator George Borrello Hosts First Meeting of “Advisory Business Cabinet”

JAMESTOWN – Bringing the voices and perspectives of small business owners, farmers and other job creators into dialogues on public policy is the goal of a new advisory panel that initiated by Senator George Borrello. The “Advisory Business Cabinet,” which had its first meeting this week, is comprised of 12 business owners/operators from the four counties in the 57th Senate District.

“One of the things that motivated me to enter public service was the fact that the voices of small business owners like me were often left out of discussions at the state and local levels on issues of great consequence to our businesses and local economy. We’ve seen what happens here in New York when job creators aren’t part of the conversation: policies that hurt small business are enacted and many opportunities to create helpful legislation and programs are missed. My goal in initiating the Advisory Business Cabinet is to give those voices a forum and to benefit from their ideas and feedback,” said Senator George Borrello.

The Cabinet will meet monthly throughout the year to share their experiences running their businesses and farms, with particular attention paid to state policies or regulations that are helping or hampering their operations. They will provide their views on pending proposals and on ideas for reforms, tax relief and other measures that could spur investment, job creation and a more supportive business climate. 

“Particularly at this unprecedented moment in time, with New York facing the challenge of reopening and rebuilding its economy after a prolonged shutdown, updates from these business owners on continuing  obstacles or areas where more support is needed will help ensure my advocacy is focused in the right direction,” said Senator Borrello.

“We have a great, talented group of members who operate a range of different businesses in communities across the district. That diversity contributed to a very productive, lively first meeting, with lots of discussion and insights. I am excited about working with all of them in the months ahead and am tremendously grateful for their willingness to invest their time and energies in this effort,” said Senator Borrello.

Members of the Advisory Business Cabinet include: 

  • Joe Kent, Tall Pines ATV Park; 
  • Sarah Bradley, Cuba Cheese Shoppe; 
  • Lisa Clark-Shay, East Wind Landscape Nursery; 
  • Bryan and Bradley Adams, R&D Adams Farm; 
  • Darren Knapp, Knapp Farms; 
  • Richard Benedetto, Real Estate Advantage; 
  • Michael Calimeri, Artone Manufacturing; 
  • Tim Galbato, Brigiotta's Farmland and Garden Center; 
  • Ben Webb, Webb's Resort; 
  • Kurt and Mark Maytum, DFT Communications, and 
  • Gina Kron, Tim Horton's in Fredonia and Dunkirk.