Ritchie Secures $50,000 For Improvements at Madrid-Waddington Central School District

Brian Dwyer

January 7, 2020

State Senator Patty Ritchie is announcing she has secured $50,000 in special funding that will help the Madrid-Waddington Central School District continue to upgrade its auditorium.

Funds secured by Senator Ritchie will help the school cover the cost of replacing the auditorium’s stage flooring and show curtains. The auditorium hosts a number of in-school and community events each year. The district’s Drama Club—which puts on a number of theatrical productions—is considered one of the state’s best.

“Our schools are where students get set on paths to successful futures. In many schools auditoriums are used for a wide variety of important events—including everything from plays to presentations,” said Senator Ritchie. “I am pleased to have secured funding for this equipment, which will help enrich the educational experience for students at the Madrid-Waddington Central School District, as well as improve the school’s auditorium for all others from the community who might use it.”

“The Madrid-Waddington School District is able to perform several auditorium upgrades made possible through a grant secured by Senator Patty Ritchie. Our auditorium is a true source of community pride and provides a premiere venue to host numerous events and productions throughout the year. Senator Ritchie continues to demonstrate her understanding of a school’s importance to the community and the Senator’s unwavering support for education in the North Country is immensely appreciated,” Madrid-Waddington Central School District Superintendent Eric Burke said.

This funding continues Senator Ritchie’s efforts to strengthen learning opportunities for Madrid-Waddington students. Previously, Senator Ritchie provided the district with $15,000 to make upgrades to the auditorium’s audio/video equipment.