Senator Borrello Named Ranking Member on Three Senate Committees

ALBANY – Senator George Borrello has been appointed as the Ranking Member of three Senate committees, Agriculture, Banks and the newly-created Procurement and Contracts.

He expressed enthusiasm for his expanded responsibilities and affirmed his commitment to effect positive policy changes in these areas.

“New York State is at a critical juncture as both employers and residents grapple with the economic fallout of the pandemic. My role as Ranking Member on these three very different but critically important committees will give me the opportunity to work on and advocate for policies that will help revitalize our agriculture and financial services sectors as well as improve the accountability of our state contracts at this time of limited resources,” said Senator Borrello. “There are also a host of issues beyond pandemic recovery that must be addressed, setting the stage for a very busy legislative session.”

Senator Borrello was also named as a member of several additional committees. He received new appointments to the Finance and Aging committees and reappointments to the Local Government and Internet and Technology committees.  

“The state budget is a thread that connects to virtually every policy area and that has a direct impact on our tax burden and overall economic climate. With New York being one of the costliest states in the nation in which to live and work, it is clear our budget needs more scrutiny and more voices advocating for tax relief and fiscal restraint. To that end, I am gratified to have the opportunity to serve on the Finance Committee at this pivotal time for our state,” said Senator Borrello.

“Together with appointments to the Senate committees on Aging, Local Government and Internet and Technology, I look forward to the opportunities each role will offer to advocate for common sense policies that address the most pressing needs in our communities while setting our state on a positive course forward.”