Senator George Borrello Visits More Than a Dozen Small Businesses on “Small Business Saturday”

George M. Borrello

November 29, 2021

OLEAN, NY – In support of “Small Business Saturday,” Senator George Borrello crisscrossed the 57th Senate District on Saturday, visiting numerous retail and hospitality businesses along the way, to increase public awareness of the value and contributions that locally owned small businesses bring to their downtowns and communities. The tour has become a tradition for Senator Borrello and his wife, Kelly. Their travels are posted on social media with the hashtag, #WheresGeorgeB.     

“Our small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities, which is why I advocate for them in Albany and support them locally as much as I can. Independently owned businesses make our downtowns more vibrant, spur additional growth, employ our neighbors and contribute to our tax base,” said Senator Borrello. “Many are still recovering financially from the impact of the pandemic, so the support of community residents is particularly important this year.”    

“Kelly and I found some truly unique, one-of-a-kind gifts, many by local artisans and producers that just simply cannot be found online or in a big box store,” he added.    

Senator Borrello noted that out of every $100 spent at local businesses, $68 will stay in the community, versus just $43 when those dollars are spent at a chain business.     

“Supporting independent, local businesses has a powerful multiplier effect. Local businesses are more likely to patronize fellow local businesses such as banks, service providers, and farms, which strengthens those entities, who, in turn, provide support to others, and so on,” said Senator Borrello. “The scope of the impact is significant and another way that we can support our community.”    

Senator Borrello also noted that with the supply chain woes affecting consumer products this year, one way to ensure gifts are under the tree is to shop in person at local businesses.     

“While even our local retailers are feeling the effects of the supply chain crisis, they still have plenty of inventory in stock. Viewing, purchasing and leaving a store with an item in-hand is a guarantee that you won’t be left disappointed by an order that didn’t arrive in time,” he said.     

Each year, Senator Borrello tries to focus his tour on two or three different communities within the district. This year, he concentrated on southeastern Cattaraugus County, visiting the communities of Salamanca, Olean and Allegany, as well as Wellsville in Allegany County.     

Businesses visited on Saturday included:   

  • Central Station Restaurant, Central Ave., Dunkirk
  • City of Dunkirk’s Small Business Saturday Celebration & Holiday Shop 
  • Silver Bells Holiday Shop, 75 Main St., Salamanca
  • Studio 4 East, 103 W. Main St., Allegany
  • Nature's Remedy Herb & Nutrition Center, 120 W. Main St, Allegany
  • Sound Track, 59 W. Main St., Allegany 
  • Rita’s Boutique, 102 W. Main St., Allegany
  • Kevin's Custom Creations & Repairs, 2601 W State St., Olean
  • Texas Hot, 132 N. Main St., Wellsville, NY
  • Tami’s Floral Expressions, 24 Jefferson St., Wellsville 
  • From the Hart, 108 N. Main St., Wellsville  
  • From House to Home, 171 N. Main St., Wellsville   
  • Fisher's Pharmacy, 138 N. Main St., Wellsville  
  • Wellsville Brewing Company, 104 N. Main St., Wellsville    

 “Shopping locally during the holiday season is an opportunity to support your community while enjoying the festivity of the holidays. As we work to move forward after the challenges of the past two years, we all have a heightened awareness of the importance of supporting one another and our communities. This is one way we can show that support,” Senator Borrello said.