Statement from Senator Borrello on the Report from the Assembly Judiciary Committee

“The release of the Assembly’s impeachment investigation report offers more confirmation of the harassment, duplicity, gross abuse of power and potentially criminal actions committed by our former Governor.  

Evident in the report is the extent to which Cuomo and his aides strong-armed officials at NYS DOH, JCOPE and other agencies for the governor’s own personal and political benefit. These accounts reflect a truly Machiavellian mindset and underscore how profoundly New York, and New Yorkers, suffered under his leadership.  

The report provides the most detailed evidence to date that the timelines for the book deal and the release of the figures on nursing home deaths directly intersected. More investigation, both civil and criminal, of this apparent conspiracy to hide the truth for political and personal gain must be a priority.    

We are far from holding Andrew Cuomo accountable. It is the duty of the Judiciary Committee to continue working with authorities until justice is served.”