Leading New York Through COVID-19 & Beyond: Senate One-house Budget Resolution

Majority Press

March 15, 2021

The Senate Majority one-house budget resolution delivers emergency aid to help New York recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. It also invests in a brighter, more equitable future by fully funding essential services and putting more money in the pockets of working and middle-class families. The Senate resolution increases total school aid by $5.7 billion, provides billions in residential and commercial rental and foreclosure assistance, restores critical funding to our health care system, and jumpstarts our economy with investments in transportation and small businesses. The proposal asks the wealthiest New Yorkers to pay their fair share rather than balancing the budget on the backs of working families.

The one-house budget resolution also protects against AIM cuts to struggling municipalities, advances the $3 billion Clean Water, Green Jobs, Green New York Environmental Bond Act, and authorizes mobile sports wagering. Together with the Assembly one-house resolution, this resolution takes a principled approach to address New York State’s hardships brought upon by COVID-19 and building the foundation for a healthier economic future for the entire state. 

“This budget process is a major opportunity to help lead New York through the ongoing dark days of the COVID-19 pandemic and lay the foundation to grow stronger in the future,” Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said. “The proposals in this resolution put forth fairness, fiscal responsibility, and smart investments to ensure economic stability and the delivering of services so many of our neighbors depend on. This resolution is also a testament to our commitment to establishing fiscal equity and investing in the long-term success of New York State. The Senate Majority will continue to work diligently in the coming weeks to pass a timely, balanced and ethical budget.”

Senate Deputy Majority Leader Michael Gianaris said, “Despite unprecedented challenges, the state Senate remains focused on helping New Yorkers recover from the health and economic suffering wrought by COVID-19. In addition to restoring billions in misguided cuts, our budget proposal delivers much needed relief for renters, small businesses, immigrants, the homeless and housing vulnerable, and transit riders. There's much work that remains to rebuild our state and restore public trust in its government, and the State Senate’s budget proposal is a downpayment on a brighter future.”

Senate Finance Chair Liz Krueger said, “Throughout the last several months, our conference has engaged in a thorough, thoughtful, and collaborative process to create a one-house budget that responsibly addresses the needs of the people of this state. Our proposal embraces a robust progressive tax system, in which those who have benefited the most pitch in their fair share. This much-needed revenue allows us to make the kind of investments in infrastructure, education, healthcare access, and expanded opportunity that will allow our economy to come back faster and stronger, with the circle of shared prosperity encompassing an ever-growing number of New Yorkers.”

Senate Majority One-house State Budget Resolution

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