Senate Republican Conference Calls On Colleagues To Show Support For Israel As Violence Escalates

Senator Mario R. Mattera (2nd Senate District) joined with Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt, Deputy Leader Andrew Lanza, Senator Mike Martucci, and members of the Senate Republican Conference to urge the Senate Majority to allow the introduction of a resolution in support of Israel as violent terrorist attacks against the nation continue.

The proposed resolution, introduced by Deputy Leader Andrew Lanza and co-sponsored by every member of the Senate Republican Conference, condemned the attacks on Israel that started earlier this month.

The Senate Majority refused to allow the resolution to be formally introduced, citing the resolution is related to foreign policy. Despite refusing to introduce this resolution suggested by Senate Republicans, members of the Senate Majority have been allowed to introduce resolutions clearly dealing with foreign policy, including lifting the trade embargo on Cuba and condemning acts of terror in New Zealand.

“Our nation, and by extension our state, is strongest when we stand with and by our allies.  That is why it is imperative that New York State publicly supports Israel as they fight to defend their right to exist.  While peace is and must remain everyone’s main goal, to stand silent is not an answer.  I stand with Israel and so should New York State,” stated Senator Mattera.

“It is vitally important that this state and nation stand in support of our allies in Israel, the only beacon of democracy in the Middle East. As violence continues to escalate, we must be united in our condemnation of these cowardly acts of terror. It’s incredibly disappointing that this resolution was denied, and today, I call on every one of my Senate colleagues to join us in support of Israel,” said Leader Ortt.

“The rocket attacks on the Jewish State of Israel are an attack on freedom and democracy. The terrorist war being waged against Israel is motivated by religious and ethnic hatred and bigotry. New York and America must stand with Israel and freedom wherever it shines,” said Deputy Leader Lanza.

“Israel is one of our strongest allies and a bulwark against terrorism. The Senate Democrats’ refusal to allow us to put a resolution on the floor demonstrating our support and solidarity with the people of Israel as they endure cowardly Hamas rocket attacks shows you how radical they have become. Scared of the criticism of AOC and her acolytes in their conference, they are running for cover. There are not two sides to this conflict -- either you stand with Israel or you do not,” said Senator Martucci.

Please click here to see the proposed resolution.