Senator Mattera And Assemblyman Fitzpatrick Join Together To Enable Town Of Smithtown To Improve Infrastructure

Senator Mario R. Mattera (2nd Senate District) and Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick (8th Assembly District) have announced that legislation they jointly sponsored to ensure that the Town of Smithtown can continue to improve its roadway infrastructure has been signed into law.  At the Town’s request, the two legislators crafted the new law to enable the Town of Smithtown to spend an adequate amount of money on needed equipment to maintain the over 470 miles of roads it oversees.

The signed legislation, which is Senator Mattera’s first chaptered bill, increases the amount the Town of Smithtown can spend from $800,000 to $1,200,000.

“As someone who is committed to enhancing the quality of life for all of our residents, the fact that my first signed law is about improving our infrastructure is truly significant for me.  By enabling the Town of Smithtown to adequately spend for the equipment they need to maintain their roadways, we enable town leaders to provide the services that all in Smithtown need and deserve.  Assemblyman Fitzpatrick and I will always work with our local officials to make sure the quality of life for all those we jointly serve is protected.”

“The bill Senator Mattera and I passed this year will enable Highway Superintendent Murphy, with the support of Supervisor Wehrheim and the Town Board, to purchase and maintain a top-flight fleet of equipment and vehicles in order to keep Smithtown’s roads the best on Long Island.  The old limit of $800,000 needed to be increased given the cost of today’s more sophisticated machinery,” said Assemblyman Fitzpatrick.

“I want to commend our Senator, Mario Mattera for his foresight and seeing this legislation through to fruition. The increased spending limit for highway equipment gives us some much needed relief in the current economic climate. This unties our hands essentially, so we can make the needed investments in infrastructure, and road management, providing a safer driving experience,” added Town of Smithtown Supervisor Edward R Wehrheim.

“We really tightened up our efficiencies when the Covid-19 pandemic first peaked here on Long Island. The result of which was completing our road program early with funds left to pave more of the 470 miles in the township. Just as asphalt breaks down overtime, so does our equipment. This bill gives us the needed flexibility to upgrade equipment so we can continue to exceed expectations.  I want to thank Senator Mattera, who’s unique background in Labor continues to be an asset for his constituents,” stated Town of Smithtown Superintendent of Highways Robert Murphy.

The increased limit is needed due to the fact that more than half of the Town of Smithtown Highway Department’s fleet is over fifteen years old and the cost of such equipment has increased substantially over the past decade.  The approved increase enables the Town to purchase important devices like stone crushers, power rollers, motor trucks, scarifiers, concrete mixers, traction engines or road machines for grading and scraping equipment, tools and other implements.

“This will help the Town of Smithtown, under the leadership of Supervisor Wehrheim and Highway Superintendent Murphy, to provide better roads to our residents.  That will help grow our economy, create jobs and enhance our quality of life,” added Senator Mattera.

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