Senator Mattera Works With Smithtown Leaders And NYSDOT To Enhance Travel For Residents

Senator Mario R. Mattera (2nd Senate District) recently visited a stretch of Route 25A by St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center to view the repair work being done by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT).  Following calls from area residents about the stretch of road, Senator Mattera, Town Of Smithtown Supervisor Ed Wehrheim, Highway Superintendent Bob Murphy and Councilman Tom Lohmann worked jointly with the NYSDOT to find a solution.  The NYSDOT quickly formulated a plan for this stretch of road and began work as soon as feasible given weather challenges.

Senator Mattera travelled to the location to thank the NYSDOT for their rapid action on the damaged roadway as well as to show their appreciation for the hardworking men and women who were making the repairs to the site.

“I thank the NYSDOT for quickly remedying this important piece of our infrastructure.  They listened to the concerns of the residents and the calls from those representing the area and that is how government should always work.  Most importantly, I am deeply appreciative of the hardworking men and women of Operating Engineers Local 138, Laborers Local 1298 and the NYSDOT who spent hours during our recent hot stretch working to make life and our roadways better for our residents,” stated Senator Mattera.  “Hopefully, this will allow the residents of the community sleep well and enjoy their homes in peace and quiet!”

“Thanks to the efforts of Senator Mattera and the New York State Department of Transportation, the residents of this area will have an easier and safer drive through their community.  This roadway has been a continuing issue for everyone in Smithtown and this action will help ease the concerns of those who travel through here including those going to and from St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center,” stated Superintendent Murphy.

“After receiving numerous complaints from residents in the Town of Smithtown regarding the deplorable road conditions along Route 25A from St Johnland Rd. to Saint Catherine’s hospital, we reached out to Superintendent of Highway Robert Murphy and New York State Senator Mario Mattera.  Senator Mattera took the ball and worked with representatives from the New York State DOT and together were able to add this much needed work to their schedule,” added Councilman Lohmann.  “I want to thank Senator Mattera, Superintendent  Murphy and the members of the New York State DOT on a job well done!”