Statement from Senator Mario R. Mattera Regarding Governor Cuomo's Resignation

While today’s announcement would certainly have been more appropriate if it happened months ago and included an immediate resignation out of respect for the women who bravely spoke up, it is the only ending to this saga that truly is truly appropriate for the transgressions that took place.  Andrew Cuomo has abused his power in a truly reprehensible manner and it is unacceptable that he and his team attempted to hide or excuse his disgusting behavior.  They must all be held accountable and it is imperative that all ongoing and future investigations be allowed to proceed to their rightful conclusions.

I want to again express my appreciation to these courageous women for standing up to someone so powerful.  Hopefully, they know that their actions have protected others from facing similar situations and that they are the true heroes in this tragic situation.

Now - thanks to their fortitude - it is time for our state to move past this unfortunate and sad chapter to do what the residents of New York need and deserve.

I am ready to work with incoming Governor Kathy Hochul, who will become the first female Governor of our great state, to rebuild our state stronger and greater than ever.  I congratulate her on this historic moment and promise my support and cooperation as she begins her tenure.

This is a truly tragic story of abuse and betrayal that has now reached its conclusion and we need to make sure that today serves as the dawn of a new era for every New Yorker.