Senate Deputy Leader Gianaris, Riders Alliance Hold Summer Picnic In Astoria Park


ASTORIA – Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris and Riders Alliance, one of New York’s largest transit-rider advocacy organizations, held a summer picnic with western Queens residents at Astoria Park to discuss issues facing mass transit riders. Photos from the event are available here.

“All New Yorkers deserve reliable, affordable, and accessible mass transit – something we’ve been fighting for in Queens and across New York for years,” said Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris. “While we’ve made progress – including securing billions of dollars in additional funding and adding much-needed elevators throughout our community – there remains much work to do. I am pleased to partner with Riders Alliance as we continue to fight for riders.”

Betsy Plum, Executive Director of Riders Alliance, said, “New York's public transit is at a turning point. Millions of people depend on our subways and buses every day but the system still faces a fiscal crisis and century-old technology needs to be upgraded. Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris has been a steadfast friend to transit riders and partner to the Riders Alliance. Together, we've secured billions of dollars to fix the subway and beat back raids on transit funding that threaten fare hikes and service cuts.”