Martucci Calls for Cuomo Impeachment

Albany, NY (March 11, 2021) — “Governor Cuomo has flatly said he will not resign. He has not walked back that statement. Given these facts, he must now be impeached. It is important to note that he has not denied any of the specific incidents of sexual harassment that have been alleged. He has instead said he didn’t mean it, that it was not intentional, that no one objected at the time and that he was being playful. These are all classic defenses of a narcissistic, habitual harasser. 

“What is left to investigate? The Assembly should introduce and pass Articles of Impeachment immediately. This is important because once impeached, Governor Cuomo will no longer be able to exercise any of his gubernatorial powers under our State Constitution. A state budget is due April 1 – the people’s business must be our primary concern. Governor Cuomo has lost all ability to lead on this and other pressing issues; therefore, impeachment is necessary.”