Senator Martucci Calls for Governor Cuomo's Resignation

“After the initial allegation of predatory sexual behavior against the Governor, I called for an independent investigation. The Governor had denied the allegation and only a thorough and independent investigation would determine the truth. Since then, two other accusers have bravely come forward.

“Notably, the Governor has not denied that these incidents happened. Instead, he has offensively written his behavior off as being “playful.” His tone-deaf statement on these accusations is in fact an admission of guilt. Had the Governor taken the sexual harassment course mandated by his own administration, he would know that the key issue is not the intent of the harasser but the perspective of the victim. In this case, all three survivors have been clear that they felt scared, offended, and overwhelmed by the Governor's unwanted attention.

“Given all of this, Governor Cuomo must resign immediately and put an end to this – the latest in a long line of embarrassing Albany scandals.”