Senate Passes Legislation to Improve Domestic Worker Protections and Promote Working Women

The New York State Senate passed legislation to protect the rights and benefits of domestic workers by further prohibiting discrimination, improving Temporary Disability Insurance Access, and raising employee awareness regarding workplace protections. This package recognizes the broad set of circumstances that may compel a domestic worker to take time off and seeks to lessen the burden imposed by such situations. It simultaneously looks to revamp workplace dynamics by allowing for greater work-from-home flexibility, particularly in light of a health emergency or local crisis. This would allow parents and caretakers to effectively pivot and tend to both their personal and professional obligations without consequence. It also looks ahead to the future of New York caregiving by investigating the causes of the industry decline and proposing necessary solutions.

These protections empower domestic workers to prioritize their wellbeing without fear of repercussion during a time when health and job security are of the utmost importance. It further acknowledges that a majority of domestic workers are women of color and aims to address the unique challenges that they face.

“Working women and families have consistently served as the backbone of our labor force,” Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said. “This legislation upholds, protects and promotes their livelihoods by defending basic worker rights. I am proud of what this package sets out to accomplish and optimistic that this will put us on a path towards greater workplace reform. I commend the bill sponsors for their work on this legislation, and we will continue to fight for all workers.”

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