Senator Tim Kennedy and Mayor Byron Brown Announce Record Funding in NYS Budget for City of Buffalo Infrastructure

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Senator Tim Kennedy (D-Buffalo) joined City of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown Friday to announce Buffalo will receive more than $16.1 million in state funding for local road repairs and maintenance as part of the state’s 2021-2022 budget, marking a 185% increase in infrastructure funding for the city compared to last year’s budget allotment. The funds, which Kennedy was able to help secure in his role as Chair of the Senate’s Transportation Committee, come as welcome news, as the City prepares to evaluate which roadways need immediate attention as Buffalo’s harsh winter concludes.

The funding includes a newly dedicated $8.7 million as part of the creation of the City Touring Routes program, a concept that Kennedy advanced which is based on the centerline miles of non-state highway roads in municipalities, and will be dedicated to cities, towns, and villages.

As Chair of the New York State Senate Transportation Committee, I’ve personally toured thousands of roadways across Western New York and New York State, and I’ve seen firsthand the severely deteriorated state of our major thoroughfares. In fact, a recent report from TRIP found that throughout New York, nearly half of major locally and state-maintained roads are in poor or mediocre condition, which underscores just how important it was for us to secure this money,” said Senator Tim Kennedy. “We know our infrastructure is essential to a thriving economy, and as we continue to Build Back Buffalo from the COVID-19 pandemic, true, substantial investment is critical. This record funding will finally allow the City of Buffalo to repair local, heavily trafficked roads that are in dire need of attention and rehabilitation, and will have a direct impact on improving roads that residents rely on every day.”

“New York’s investment in vital infrastructure is key to creating good jobs and promoting a full economic recovery. Buffalo and Western New York are fortunate to have Senator Kennedy fighting for us in Albany,” said Mayor Byron Brown. “I want to thank him for delivering for our community.”

A full breakdown of funding dedicated to the City of Buffalo can be found below:

  • Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS)

    • 2020/2021 Budget: $4,093,557.51

    • 2021/2022 Budget: $5,055,010.63

  • Extreme Winter Recovery Funds

    • 2020/2021 Budget: $625,295.96

    • 2021/2022 Budget: $961,993.79

  • PAVE-NY funds:

    • 2020/2021 Budget: $934,395.24

    • 2021/2022 Budget: $1,401,407.74

  • City Touring Routes

    • 2020/2021 Budget: non existent 

    • 2021/2022 Budget: $8,699,796.80

  • Total Change in Funding:

    • 2020/2021 Budget: $5,653,248.71 

    • 2021/2022 Budget: $16,118,208.96