Senator Anna M. Kaplan Issues Statement On Expanding Tax Credits For Seniors And Those With Disabilities In Advance Of Town Of North Hempstead Board Meeting

CARLE PLACE, NY (OCTOBER 13, 2022) - In advance of tonight's Town of North Hempstead Board Meeting, where resolutions will be considered to expand eligibility for the senior citizens property tax exemption and the disability property tax exemption, New York State Senator Anna M. Kaplan (D-Port Washington) released a copy of her remarks which will be read into the official record this evening:

Senator Anna M. Kaplan said “Our seniors built the communities we all call home, and we owe it to them to fight for every break we can give them, especially at a time of rising costs for everyday expenses.

In 2019, I proudly co-sponsored legislation that would expand eligibility for the Senior Property Tax Exemption and the Disability Property Tax Exemption, to give more Nassau County seniors, and residents with special needs, a break on their property taxes.

This past spring, I was proud to help it pass both houses of the State Legislature so that it could finally become law and give local communities like North Hempstead an opportunity to opt-in and begin providing the vital tax breaks that I fought for.

So tonight, I’m here to thank the Town Board, and the Supervisor, for taking advantage of our new law, and I urge you to adopt these expanded tax exemptions that will be an important lifeline for our seniors and people with special needs.”