Statement from Senator Anna M. Kaplan on Transphobic Podcaster Demonizing Transgender Youth in Manhasset Schools

Senator Anna M. Kaplan

February 22, 2022

Senator Anna M. Kaplan said “By now, you may have heard that an incendiary, transphobic podcaster from Suffolk County is attempting to use our schools and our kids as pawns to wage culture wars and advance a hateful agenda that doesn’t reflect the values of our community. And while I’d rather not give any oxygen to the vile message of hate being amplified about and within our community, it’s important that we call hate speech out for what it is, and send a message that hate has no place in our community—ever.

I won’t repeat any of his vile attacks against members of the transgender community, and specifically trans youth, but instead I will send a message to all TGNC and LGBTQ+ people in our community that you are seen, you are loved, and I will always have your back. And when people come into our community to attack our values and our families, I will always stand up and speak out.

To everyone in the Manhasset community and beyond who is joining me in speaking out against this disgusting hate-speech: thank you for being part of the solution.”