Co-sponsored Stec Bill Cracking Down on Boating While Intoxicated Passes Senate

Daniel G. Stec

April 27, 2022

A bill co-sponsored by Senator Dan Stec (R,C-Queensbury) to better address boating while intoxicated passed the state Senate today. Senate bill 4733-A would treat boating while intoxicated (BWI) convictions as equal to past DWI convictions. If enacted, judges can consider a past BWI conviction when issuing a sentence for a new DWI charge. 

Under current law, a person with one or more BWI sentences is treated as a first-time DWI offender. By closing this loophole, authorities can crack down on BWI offenders and prevent future tragedies on our waterways and roads. 

“Boating and driving while intoxicated are serious offenses, and our communities have witnessed firsthand their terrible consequences,” said Stec. “By closing a loophole on BWI cases, we can better keep our bodies of water and roads safe from drunk boaters and drivers. 

“I’m pleased to see this bill pass the Senate today and I urge the Assembly to also pass it before the end of Legislative Session in June,” he added.