Stec: Comptroller Audit Confirms Cuomo's COVID Cover-Up

Daniel G. Stec

March 16, 2022

“The Comptroller’s audit confirms what myself and many suspected to be true: that disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo and his Department of Health deliberately covered up the deaths of thousands of seniors in nursing homes.  

“In order to further a false narrative, boost his national profile and sign a seven-figure book deal that violated state ethics laws, Governor Cuomo compelled the DOH to deliberately mislead the public about his 2020 nursing home directive and cover up 4,100 deaths that could be attributed to it. 

“While Andrew Cuomo runs ads to try to mend his tarnished image, the Comptroller’s audit showed the type of leader he really is, one who puts himself and his persona above the people he was elected to represent. This should be yet another sign that we need to move past the scandal-ridden Cuomo years and ensure our leaders and Department of Health put the interests of our residents before their own political interests.”