Statement from Senator George Borrello on Fiscal Year 2023 Executive Budget Proposal

ALBANY – Senator George Borrello issued the following statement today on the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Executive Budget proposal released by Governor Hochul. 

“As we begin 2022, Governor Hochul is leading a state that is struggling economically, ravaged by increases in violent crime and losing more residents than any other state in the nation. We urgently need a change in direction in order to save our state and safeguard its future.  

“To that end, I am encouraged that the proposed budget doesn’t rely on new taxes or fees and includes some initiatives that would benefit middle-class taxpayers, including an acceleration of the historic income tax cuts authored by the former Senate Republican Majority and a $2.2 billion property tax rebate program.

“Small businesses, which have been the hardest hit segment of our economy throughout the pandemic, are still struggling to recover from their losses. While the Governor has proposed modest small business relief, the best way New York State could help is by directing billions in unspent federal aid to ease the crushing unemployment insurance tax rates the state has levied on small employers to replenish the depleted UI fund. It is not only unfair to ask small businesses to bear the burden of the government’s mistakes, it is stifling our economic recovery.

“Also of concern is the lack of robust investment to expand the ranks of state and local law enforcement personnel.  The disastrous criminal justice reforms forced on our state by radical Democrats have made our cities and neighborhoods more dangerous than they have been in decades. The heightened risks of the job have spurred an exodus from the profession that has only exacerbated our public safety challenges. While repealing these policies remains our top priority and one we will pursue through legislation, budget support for this sector is also crucial.

 “Governor Hochul hit the nail on the head when she acknowledged in today’s comments that the ‘pandemic did not create all the problems we face today.’ However, she failed to acknowledge the root cause: a dangerous  combination of bad policy and bad politics.

“In the coming days, my Senate Republican colleagues and I will be reviewing the details of the Executive Budget and advancing our own plans aimed at supporting our “Take Back New York” initiative. New Yorkers deserve a state that is safer, stronger and more economically vibrant. Realizing that goal will be my focus this session.”