Skoufis Touts Hudson Valley Wins in Senate’s Budget Plan, Secures Gas Tax Relief

Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) lauded numerous provisions spelled out in the State Senate’s one-house budget, released Sunday, which would directly impact local communities. From historic levels of school funding and much-needed tax relief for middle-class families to parkland improvements and immediate relief for struggling community pharmacies, Skoufis championed a number of the Senate plan’s highlights. The Senate one-house budget lays out the chamber’s priorities as they, the Assembly, and the Governor engage in final budget negotiations over the next two weeks.

“For the first time in some years, we can confidently say New York is on sound financial footing, and I’m doing everything in my power to ensure the local communities I represent get their fair share of the pie heading into final budget negotiations,” said Senator Skoufis. “I will continue to fight for the resources our district needs and deserves in the coming weeks and look forward to sharing additional welcome news when a balanced budget is finalized by April 1.”

Major highlights of the Senate’s budget plan include:

Skoufis also succeeded in securing a commitment within the one-house budget proposal to require a comprehensive and independent audit of all economic development incentives, tax credits, and taxpayer-funded subsidies distributed by the state. In recent years, hundreds of millions of dollars have been annually rubber-stamped for so-called economic development initiatives without so much as a basic accounting of return on investment. Skoufis has long advocated for greater scrutiny of subsidies and the agencies that distribute them. 
The Senate is expected to formally vote to adopt the one-house budget this Monday, March 14. In coming weeks, additional negotiations will take place before a final budget is adopted by April 1.

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