Senator Jessica Ramos issues statement on LDJ5 Union Election results:



CONTACT: Astrid Aune,

QUEENS, NY— The vote count for the second Amazon Labor Union election concluded on Monday afternoon, with Amazon prevailing over the ALU. In response to the election news, NY State Labor Chair Jessica Ramos issued the following statement:

“Here we see the results of millions upon millions of dollars of union-busting at work. Amazon would rather pay union-busting consultants $3200 a day to intimidate workers and threaten them with low pay than pay their own workers a living wage- the very workers who move the packages and make their famous two-day delivery possible. If there are accusations of bringing in a third party to disrupt a workplace, it’s clear who is at fault.

The fact that Amazon is engaging in these infamous and brutal tactics is evidence that they are frightened - and they should be. ALU has garnered international attention - even getting the attention of the President- and it will not stop with LDJ. Their fight is the fight of every underpaid and overworked worker across the country - a cohort that is waking up and pushing back. We won’t accept poverty wages or the harm that comes from working in a high-tech sweatshop.

My responsibility as chair of the Senate Labor Committee is to clear the path for any worker who wants to join a union and to find any and all gaps that bad bosses can use to abuse their workers and swiftly close them. I carry two bills - the Warehouse Worker Protection Act and S6603A - which would limit an employer’s ability to intimidate and threaten workers in captive audience meetings - that I intend to make a priority before our session is let out. Union busting is disgusting, and there is action we can take to limit its reach in New York State.

This is not over for ALU, or for any worker who is contending with threats and intimidation from a bad boss. If you thought New York is a union town now, we’re just getting started.”




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