New York State Senator Luis R. Sepúlveda on the US Supreme Court Decision on Concealed Guns

Rusking Pimentel

June 23, 2022

The U.S. Supreme Court has taken an ominous decision for the State of New York.

Two petitioners from upstate New York, challenged the law in place since 1911, which would establish the requirements to obtain a concealed weapon permit for handguns. A ruling has been made in favor of the petitioners and it will invariably lead to more firearms in our communities. I am extremely concerned about this potential development. 

The decision may contravene the intent of the New York State legislature and Governor Hochul when we signed a package of 10 bills designed to protect society from gun violence was enacted into law.  There is no greater risk to our efforts than the consequences of this decision.

For months, I have raised concerns about the dangers in easing the licensing regulations to carry concealed weapons. New York State has set the example for acting swiftly and decisively against gun violence. Among other important measures, we have included "Ghost Guns" in the definition of firearms, and raised the age to purchase automatic and high capacity rifles. We simply cannot afford to go backwards.

The people of New York must remain on alert to this situation. Elected leaders at all levels of government must come together to proactively establish regulations that protect our citizens and fight against gun violence. Let us not forget that our fight against gun violence is not over.