New York State Senator Luis Sepúlveda’s resolution to celebrate Garifuna-American Heritage Month.

Rusking Pimentel

March 3, 2022

The history of the Garifuna community is one of struggle, hard work, and resilience. In the Bronx, electeds are privileged to have a large Garifuna-American community. For more than 10 years, from my community work and activities as an elected official, I have been able to develop a relationship of friendship and solidarity with this magnificent community. Thanks to this relationship, I have been able to learn and be enriched by their culture, roots, dreams, and concerns. I have been able to allocate funds for problems that affect them and I have seen how they are an essential part of our community.

The Garifuna story is one of struggle, an indomitable spirit and an enriching tradition since 1665. Their successes have also had their share of suffering, the Garifuna were forcibly taken to Honduras, enslaved and dispersed to various Caribbean islands. The Garifuna people never gave up, they always fought for their rights, their heritage and their roots. For many years now, a large Garifuna community has been living in the United States, especially in the Bronx. For this reason, I have introduced Senate Resolution J1802, which declares March 11th, 2022 to April 12th, 2022 as Garifuna-American Heritage Month in the State of New York.

During this celebration, I want to invite you to get to know their history, language, roots and like me to have the privilege of being welcomed in their community. Also, I would like to express with great joy that they are a part of the district I represent and that all the years we have spent together will be multiplied by many more. For this reason, I have submitted this resolution and from all members of the New York State Senate, we salute you and are honored to have you in our great State.