Press Release on Cities 1 Committee First Meeting


Recently, I was appointed as Chair of the Cities 1 Committee by Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins. The legislative purpose of this committee has a trascendental impact on many important aspects of New York City. As members of this committee, my colleagues and I are tasked with working diligently to establish pieces of legislation that are relevant to the challenges we currently face as New Yorkers. I am proud to announce that we will have our first public committee meeting on Monday, February 7th at 11am.

In this first public committee meeting, we will be debating the following critical pieces of legislation, in addition to others that are as equally important. Bill S2771, which I proudly sponsor, requires that the Department of Homeless Services notify community boards anytime a transitional housing project is to be established in their community. This particular piece of legislation was drafted after many community board leaders and members of the community expressed the need of having a notification system prior to implementing these types of projects. As Chair of the Cities 1 Committee, I look forward to continuing working with my constituency, and with New Yorkers at large, to ensure their quality of life is improved. 

Additionally, we will be passing Bill S5536, sponsored by State Senator Leroy Comrie, which seeks to expand access to teleworking or working from home in all NYC Agencies. Another important piece of legislation we will pass is Bill S2957, sponsored by State Senator Brian Kavanagh. This bill aims to create a rent increase exemption program to protect ‘Mom and Pops’ shops by creating tax incentives for landlords. You can view this public committee meeting on the New York Senate website via:  



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