Senator Luis Sepúlveda Introduces Bill to Regulate the Use and Sales of EBikes. S9614

One of the tools that helps me the most to legislate on behalf of my constituents are Community Meetings and Police Precinct Meetings. In these meetings I am able to listen and get a first hand sense of the needs of our people. It has been in these meetings where I have repeatedly heard the challenge that the current situation with the so-called "Scooters and EBikes" represents for the authorities and for the communities. 

While it is true that these are an important transportation resource, it is also true that the police are having great problems in preventing crimes that are committed using these vehicles as a means of escape. Precinct commanders and patrol officers have explained to me how criminals are taking advantage of the lack of regulation and the public danger posed by pursuing people who commit crimes with these vehicles. 

Listening to their concerns, I have submitted the bill S9614 that seeks to establish clear rules for the use of EBikes. The bill mandates a safe use manual, establishment of a license and insurance, and the obligation of in-person or online sellers to ensure that people comply with these requirements in order to sell one of these items. 

This project aims to regularize and protect legitimate users who take advantage of the benefits of this transport. It will also help the police to identify and apprehend those who take advantage of the lack of regulations to commit crimes with impunity and steal our tranquility. I look forward to the beginning of the legislative session to discuss this project with all sectors and work together on practical solutions.



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