Senator Luis Sepulveda supports Bill S5374A and salary increase for Home Care Aides

I am a proud co-sponsor of Bill S5374A by Senator Rachel May. This bill seeks to increase hourly pay and provide better employment conditions for home care aides, which is certainly a needed step for these workers. These employees are mostly women, and mostly from marginalized communities. They come from the Dominican Republic, from Latin American countries, and largely from our black and Latinx communities.

Make no mistake, these workers do a job of unimaginable importance. They care for us, they care for our people with special needs, and they care for our elderly. Yet, they have to endure long hours, unsafe conditions and wages as low as $13 an hour.

I want to first congratulate and fully support Senator Rachel May for this bill that seeks justice and real solutions that will change the lives of these workers as well as for her bravery and courage to stand up for those most in need with this bill. I call attention to the fact that this bill must be approved without delay and that doing so would create justice for these workers. I am convinced that my colleagues in the Senate understand the need for swift action on this issue and that we stand with Senator May on this measure. ###

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