Senator Gallivan Responds to State of the State Address

Jim Ranney

January 5, 2022

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan issued the following statement:                                                                                

"The governor's State of the State Address touched on a number of critical issues and the many challenges we face in rebuilding our economy and restoring faith in government. 

I am anxious to learn more about her proposals to rebuild our health care system, invest in education, implement tax cuts and rebates for middle class families and provide support for small businesses and farms.  We need to know how they will be funded and implemented.

I am pleased the governor talked about expanding broadband to more New Yorkers. It is imperative to do so, especially in rural areas. However, we have heard this promise before from the former governor.  It is time to make this a reality once and for all.

On the issue of public safety, I am disappointed that the governor failed to address the need to fix the dangerous changes made to the state’s criminal justice system that have led to an unacceptable rise in crime and victimization.  We need to restore judicial discretion and policies that protect law-abiding citizens. 

The governor also promised ‘the days of disregarding the rightful role of the legislature are over.’  If true, let us put an end to governing by Executive Order and restore our system of checks and balances in state government. 

I look forward to learning more about Governor Hochul’s plans when she releases her budget proposal later this month.  I encourage her to support policies and programs that will benefit all New Yorkers.”