Senator Rachel May Advances Three Bills Through New York Senate

Syracuse, NY – Senator Rachel May advances three bills through the Senate, which includes establishing an evictions proceedings database, permitting pharmacy technicians to assist pharmacists in preparing prescriptions, and holding election commissioners accountable for good cause. 

S8337 will allow the bipartisan commissioners of the State Board of Elections to remove a commissioner for incompetence, misconduct, or other good cause, providing more accountability and transparency in our election process.

Since day one of my tenure as a Senator, the Democratic majority has made improving voting rights and election administration a top priority. Today, we continue to improve our elections by ensuring voters can be confident in election officials to carry out free and fair elections. – Senator May

S6170A would require the Office of Court Administration to establish a searchable database available to the public providing information about eviction proceedings throughout the state. Currently, there is no centralized source of information about where evictions are happening in the state. Policymakers can use this information to direct anti-eviction, housing stability, and other social service resources to areas with high rates of evictions. 

When someone is evicted and loses their home it has hugely negative impacts on their life. Individuals struggle to maintain employment and income earnings, children have worse educational incomes, and it has a negative impact on the whole neighborhood. This database will give us key insights to see where evictions are happening and how we make policy and provide resources to reduce them. – Senator May

S2025B would allow registered pharmacy technicians to assist a licensed pharmacist in preparing prescriptions in certain facilities. The bill would help ease the workload on busy pharmacists and in turn increase convenience for customers. 


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