Senate Democrats End Legislative Session with a Flurry of Bad Bills

Senator Dan Stec (R,C-Queensbury) today commented on the series of bad bills forced through by Senate Democrats at the conclusion of Legislative Session this week:

“A majority of New Yorkers believe our state is heading down the wrong direction. Instead of using the final weeks of Legislative Session to reverse this trend and restore our residents’ confidence in our state, Senate Democrats have instead decided to push through a series of terrible legislation that punishes taxpayers and their political opponents. 

“There’s too many bad bills to name them all, so here are just some of the most egregious. Senate bill S3505 is an election-rigging scheme that would obliterate local elections by moving them to even-number years. This is a blatant partisan maneuver intended to juice Democrat turnout in local races and ties important town, city and county races to the whims of the national political election cycle. This isn’t a move to increase turnout in local elections; it’s an attempt to increase the amount of Democrats elected to local and state offices. 

“Senate bill S2237 would provide ‘free,’ taxpayer-funded health care coverage to illegal immigrants living in New York State. Our seniors, families and residents already face high health care and prescription drug costs. Instead of doing more to alleviate these financial and medical stressors on legal residents, Senate Democrats are instead offering an unfair handout to illegal immigrants. Our lawful taxpayers deserve better than being forced to subsidize health insurance for illegal immigrants. 

“Public safety remains an urgent priority. Crime rates are still high, and an overwhelming majority of New Yorkers have expressed their support for public safety reforms. After paying lip service to changing bail reform in the state budget, Democrat leaders have now finally pushed through ‘Clean Slate’ legislation that would expunge the records of convicted felons. This would deprive potential employers and landlords of key information about a prospective applicant, and potentially put innocent lives in danger. This steadfast refusal to protect our communities and instead coddle criminals has been a hallmark of Democrat one-party control of state government and it’s absolutely shameful. 

“As lawmakers, our jobs are to make New York State safer, more affordable and more economically prosperous. When it comes to that mission, Senate Democrat leadership has failed and their end of session activity provides further proof of just how badly their agenda misses the mark.”