Stec calls for governor to give back eFMAP funds back to local governments in this year's budget

Senator Dan Stec (R,C-Queensbury) is calling on Governor Hochul to return the Enhanced Federal Medicaid Percentage, or eFMAP, funding back to counties in this year’s state budget. The eFMAP funds are federally provided to help local governments offset the high costs of Medicaid spending, but state governors have used it to pay for state Medicaid expenses dating back to 2017.

To provide immediate relief to our homeowners and local and county governments, he is calling on Governor Hochul to restore the $625 million allocation in this year’s Executive Budget. Additionally, Stec signed onto a letter this week urging the governor to give back the $1.2 billion held back from counties in budgets the past six years.

“Counties are due $625 million in eFMAP funding this year, but the governor wants to use that money for the state to pay for its overspending in the Medicaid program,” said Senator Stec. “eFMAP funding serves two purposes for our communities: it ensures our Medicaid system functions properly and it provides needed financial relief to local governments. Failure to deliver this funding ends up punishing taxpayers in the form of higher property taxes.

“New York State currently has an almost $9 billion surplus. Instead of using the eFMAP money to fill state coffers, let’s do the right thing and provide relief to taxpayers and local governments,” he added. “Let’s release this year’s eFMAP payments right away.”

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