Stec Presents Senate Liberty Awards to Elizabeth Maxwell and Viviana Bravo

Daniel G. Stec

June 2, 2023

Senator Dan Stec (R,C-Queensbury) today presented Chestertown residents Elizabeth Maxwell and Viviana Bravo with Senate Liberty Awards. Maxwell and Bravo received the Liberty Award, the highest honor the Senate can bestow upon an individual, for calling 911 and providing emergency roadside CPR on Peter Michalski after witnessing him suffer a medical event while driving on the Northway in summer 2022. The Michalski family credit Bravo and Maxwell’s compassionate response for saving Peter’s life and reached out to Assemblyman Matt Simpson (R,C-Horicon) about recognizing them for their heroism. 

Stec was pleased to meet the two 19-year-olds and, along with an Assembly Citation presented by Assemblyman Simpson, honor them for their good deed and willingness to help others during a crisis. 

“The Senate Liberty Award is given to those who do something extraordinary to assist their community,” said Stec. “Elizabeth Maxwell and Viviana Bravo’s actions last year in providing roadside CPR to Peter Michalski and waiting for first responders to arrive is one of those moments that’s more than worthy of this recognition. 

“Their quick-thinking, emergency training and compassionate response saved Mr. Michalski’s life,” he added. “It was a privilege to meet Elizabeth and Viviana, and join Assemblyman Simpson in honoring them. They are more than deserving of the Liberty Award and I hope everyone will join me in thanking and congratulating them for their efforts in helping the Michalski family in their moment of need.” 

“I am proud to recognize Viviana and Elizabeth. As a legislator, it brings me great fulfillment to hear this heartwarming story of two young girls saving a stranger’s life. Viviana and Elizabeth’s ability to act calmly and effectively under the circumstances is a true reflection of their character and I am proud to honor them today,” said Simpson.