Migrant Crisis Impacts Public Safety On Multiple Levels

Dean Murray

May 19, 2023

(Albany, NY)  In 2017, Democrat elected officials passed legislation declaring New York City, a "Sanctuary City" and New York State, a "Sanctuary State", despite warnings by Republicans that this could, and would, have disastrous economic and public safety impacts. These same Democrats loudly and proudly proclaimed that they wanted all immigrants, regardless of whether they were here legally or illegally, to come to New York. Fast forward 6 years and the message has changed completely, as we have New York City Mayor Eric Adams now stating that the migrant crisis has pushed the city’s finances over the edge. Adams claims that NY City cannot handle any more migrants and he is looking for areas throughout the state to ship them, regardless of the impact on the local communities or how the local officials feel. On top of the issues of costs and resources, there is also a major concern about public safety.  The combination of state officials encouraging and rewarding illegal border crossings and the Biden administration's complete lack of border security, has led to criminals and drugs mixing in with the migrants and flooding over the southern border. 

This has prompted NYS Senator Dean Murray (R,C - Patchogue) and NYS Assemblyman Ed Flood (R,C - E. Setauket) to take action and introduce the “New York Combating Alien Recidivism and End Sanctuary (NY CARES) Act”.  The bill, referred to as the NY-CARES Act, would prohibit local governments and entities from adopting laws or policies, which impede or interfere with the enforcement of federal immigration laws. Sanctuary locations prohibit local law enforcement officials from working with their federal law enforcement partners in enforcing federal immigration laws. "We pass laws for a reason and that reason is to keep our citizens and our communities safe. Prohibiting local law enforcement from enforcing laws and working with their federal partners does just the opposite. Not only is it sending a terrible message… that laws won’t be enforced… but it also makes our citizens and our communities less safe," said NYS Senator Dean Murray, 3rd Senate District. 

Keeping our citizens safe should always be our first priority.  However, it has been reported that some of our homeless veterans, victims of domestic violence and other vulnerable groups stand to possibly lose access to shelter and critical services as New York City buses migrants to other counties who are ill prepared to receive these individuals from an ill-equipped sanctuary city.  These vulnerable residents do not deserve this.  When municipalities cannot afford resources to accommodate a large number of individuals moving into their communities, once again public safety becomes a concern. 

 "Unfortunately, we do not have an endless supply of money and resources. So, while we are using tax dollars to provide food, clothing, shelter, services and medical care to those who have chosen to ignore our immigration laws and have come to this country illegally, we now have legal, law abiding, citizens (some of them veterans, who have fought for the very freedoms we enjoy) who will be forced to go without food, clothing, shelter, services and medical care.  This is certainly not fair to our veterans and legal, law abiding residents,” stated Senator Murray. 

 “This bill is a step in the right direction towards alleviating the self-inflicted economic and public safety crisis brought on by Democrat lawmakers. While patting each other on the back and passing “feel good” legislation, New York Democrats never once contemplated the unintended consequences that their actions could have. Instead of appealing to the woke masses, our focus should be on advancing New York’s economic outlook and making our citizens safer,” said NYS Assemblyman Ed Flood, 4th District.

It is in the interest of fairness and public safety that Senator Murray and Assemblyman Flood have introduced their legislation. The Senate bill is S.6964 and the Assembly version is still awaiting a bill number.