Inflation Reduction and Middle-Class Affordability Measures Pass Senate

The New York State Senate passed measures to lower the cost of living and increase affordability for New York families. The proposed package enacts the Toll Payer Protection Act; includes an extended notification and grace period for expired vehicle registrations; requires wire fraud transfer warnings; authorizes a private right of action in mortgage servicer violations; allows for manufactured home titles to be surrendered as real property, as opposed to personal property; expands eligibility for the Low-Interest Rate Program for up to seven years post-graduation; caps the delinquent tax rate and removing the mandatory minimum for municipalities to charge; protects individuals from charges related to bank account closures, and increases penalties against unlicensed brokers. These changes will help disentangle New Yorkers from rampant nickel and diming that quickly snowball into debt, give more leeway for important relief opportunities, and help keep hard-earned dollars in taxpayers' pockets, according to the Senate Majority.

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said, “The average cost of living for New York families continues to bind households, where hard choices between paying the utility bill or covering the cost of insulin are made every day. These packages of legislation will help ease these burdens by lowering the cost of various prescription drugs, optimizing market prices, cutting away unnecessary red tape, and streamlining services for the middle and working class. I am proud to lead our conference in tackling these pressing issues facing New York State, and I thank the sponsors for advancing this timely and crucial legislation.”

Read the Senate Majority release.

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