Statement from Senator Jim Tedisco on Governor & Legislative Super Majorities Missing April 1st Budget Deadline

Senator Jim Tedisco on Governor & Legislative Super Majorities Missing April 1st Budget Deadline

“The Titanic is heading toward the iceberg, and they are doing less than rearranging the deck chairs -- paralysis has set in -- and taxpayers are paying for it! 

“Here is what history teaches us! The super majorities in the legislature and the Governor have been given overwhelming control of all levers of power in the state. And now they can’t do arguably what is their most important obligation, which is to pass a good, balanced, on-time budget which incentives New Yorkers to stay and live in our beautiful state and expand a safe and better quality of life!  They have had months to do so and have failed miserably!”

“When they finally come to terms, it’s likely to be a bloated budget filled with new taxes and spending which are not sustainable and little if anything to reform “cash bail” and give judges reasonable discretion!” 

“Finally, they will use messages of necessity to limit informed debate and then hypocritically blame the minority who wants to digest it and then debate the tragedy of it to better inform the media and taxpayers!!!!    

“Unbelievably, it’s actually full steam ahead toward the iceberg, not toward transparency!”